Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Race Report

After the last time out hurting the transmission I waited till the weekend before this last race to make the repairs... we started the car on Wednesday which is a day early for me ..haha.. everything sounded good. Friday night we get to the track to make the first qualifying pass I do a big burnout and everything feels good until I launch the car now I have no fist gear... geeeezz so we pull the trans out once again and take it home to make the repairs.. turns out the fist gear band was glazed over so I pulled the part out of my dads car late Friday night and get to work . the next morning with the help of family and friends we put the tranny back in with about an hour to spare before second round of qualifying.. once again everything felt good.. then I launch the car and Boom were moving I shifted into high gear and about shit my pants the guy I am racing in the other lane is one of the regulars so I know he runs right on our index which is 7.60 and I cant see him so I must be going fast... well fast enough for everything to be blurry and scare the poop out of me. I let off the gas for a split second because the car was hopping and I was not used to that.. anyway right after the finish line the guy comes coasting past me and as my shock wears off i think wow that was fucking scary.. then our tow car with my family comes rolling up honking with hoots and whistles I find out i ran a 7.63 on my fist full pass in the car which put me in the top of the field for qualifying.... sweet... so I beat the guy to the finish line by .000 seconds but still go the win light so what that means is we were so close that the Sacramento time slips don't show up to the 10,000th of a second and even though he ran a quicker time than me I got him on the starting line but regardless I beat him in the finish line.. we get back to the pits and during routine maintenance we found a valve that was getting ready to drop out of the retainer and without any spare parts we were done for the day.. I was just happy with everything we saved the engine from blowing up and I made my quickest run ever what a weekend... on a side note the guy I raced in qualifying WON the entire race... damn maybe I will have a chance

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