Monday, June 27, 2011

Everybody Hurts !!!

I'm sure I've told most everyone this story.. One our good friends Scotty Scott decides to sell his super rad motorcycle... after a few months or years of pretending to have this thing for sale some genius decides to buy this bike at a fraction of the price it would cost him to build it...although Scotty was happy about receiving a large stack of money he will hate to see his beloved green bike go... I was in Scotty's garage the night the new owner picked up this sweet machine and as he watches his old love go.. on the radio plays REM's Everybody Hurts... It couldn't have been better timing and actually kind of sad. anyway below is what was playing in my head as the bike went away!!!

sorry Scotty I had to


  1. I think I just cried a little... :( I've put many miles in next to that thing...

    Love you Todd!

  2. Ug. Can't see it on my phone!
    Probably better that way.