Monday, April 25, 2011

Ready to go racing !

we went to test and tune this saturday and ran my new car and it went awesome. on the first pass we had the wheelie bars set a little to high and it did a pretty big wheel stand and drove to the right toward the guard rail , I let off and just drove down the track real slow for an 11 second pass at 111mph . we went back to the pits and lowered the wheelie bars and went back up for the second pass, this time when I left the starting line the car went straight but still not being used to the power I let off the throttle to less than half and ran the car to about half track and it backfired through the supercharger I ran a 5.20 to the eight which is about a 7.90 in the quarter I coasted to a 9.64 @ 88mph . I cant wait to take it back out this car is gonna haul ass and it's so much fun to drive